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20 January 2016 @ 08:40 pm
Y'all. We cannot help but notice the HSM Reunion special is on tonight. We even interrupted our usual ongoing text conversation about The Great British Baking Show and stretchy jeans to discuss all the press.

Pasta: We should probably tweet or something?
Pasta: I don't know. I'm so old.
M: Oh right. We have a Twitter.
M: I just checked our Twitter. We have one follower.

Our even more aged hearts crack open a little with nostalgia. They're still all in this together! Except for Zac.

(Are any of you still on LJ? Is this thing still on? Are we posting to the void? Does a post exist if you don't include a bunch of gifs? God, we are so old. We think maybe you're all on Tumblr now.)

(BTW... we do not believe the rumor that Zac declined to participate tonight because he demanded $500,000 and Disney refused to pony up. We believe that things are awkward with V since the break-up, and they probably agreed she gets to keep HSM in the divorce.)

(Also, we believe there's a group chat with everyone but Zac. Have you seen these reunion photos? They look crazy happy. We think they might actually be friends. Except for Zac because everyone chose V. Which we probably would not have predicted 10 years ago. Which goes to show you that we were dumb.)

So, in honor of our joy, please enjoy this Buzzfeed article featuring 49 Things You Didn't Know About HSM. We particularly like the story of Grabeel and the Tizz auditioning together. (Also, we've noticed mainstream media has adopted our nickname for Le Tisdale, but they're misspelling it with an 's'. To whom do we address our angry letter??)

Hope y'all are well. Happy Anniversary!