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The Aging Mousketeer: for Disney/HSM's older fans
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Hi, this is pastaprimavera. I co-maintain the Aging Mousketeer with m_alicious.

So what is this all about? Well, it's a community is for the older Disney Channel/Disney fan--basically, anyone who falls above Disney's tween target market. We love the stuff that Disney cranks out, but we can't help but take it all with a huge grain of salt. We like to laugh and we want to laugh with you... hence this community.

Going to warn you now: there may be some not nice things said, but don't take this all too seriously. We love to kid... but we kid because we love. Another warning: this will be heavy on the High School Musical because damn, we love that movie. Further, we fall squarely on the side of Zanessa. Sorry if you don't like that, because there will be a lot of squee-ing about them.

Feel free to join us if this all appeals. And for a primer on what to expect here, check out the Mouska-Dictionary for a glossary of all the insane terms & stories we tend to reference. As well, try our Mouseketeer Memories for archived posts by category. There are also some site highlights that you might like to see:

And gosh knows we're always looking for news stories, mockable pictures, and other fun stuff. If you have something that needs to be seen by everyone we know immediately, drop us a line at agingmousketeer@gmail.com. We'll credit you, naturally.

Finally, the legal stuff: We don't own anything on Disney Channel and we don't know any of the stars, but we do own all the written content we happen to put up here.

(Also yes, I know I spelled "mouseketeer" wrong.... but I figured this out way after I started inviting people to join, so oh well... as Vanessa Anne Hudgens once said, "Everything happens for a reason"...)

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1. fashionfanatic9, winner of the very first AM icontest

2. tortoisesoup and mojokimo, winners of the Headstrong Sticker Challenge (part 1 | part 2)

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